To book a headshot session send me a line through the Contact page.


My headshot session is designed for actors and other professionals to create new images to market yourself and promote your career, by not only capturing your individuality, but by giving your photos the power to grab the attention of your target audience. Trust that throughout the entire process you are in capable hands as I direct and coach you toward capturing as many shots tailored specifically for you as possible. So don't think twice about your abilities in front of a camera, it's best when people come in as a clean slate and I will give you all of my tips for looking your best in front of a camera.

I like to shoot a variety of different looks during a session. Shooting a range of looks this way will allow you to have multiple shots available for different marketing purposes. I wil shoot each look until I feel we've got it covered. After the session, I will upload all the worthy shots to a password protected online gallery. Shots are usually posted the same day of the shoot. You will be able to give the password to your agents or anyone else who might help you choose the shots you decide to use and get retouched. Once you've chosen the shots we will go through retouching (72 hours turn around).


I like everyone to bring a range of different options. Rule #1: You have to love it! I you don't feel comfortable in it, you won't shoot well while wearing it. People always ask what colors are best. That really depends on the person. So I suggest to bring a wide variety. Don't be seasonal; everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets can work. Textures and layers are great, but I would generally stay away from crazy patterns. If it's not in the studio we can't shoot it, so if you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work just bring it along. Just have some fun with this, if you feel your wardrobe is missing something then go shopping and you can keep the tags on it so you can return the items after the shoot. Makeup is highly recommended for all women. Come with your make up done the way you naturally have it, I found this is what works best for headshots. Same with the hair, it should be ready the way you would like to present yourself.

The headshot session rate is $300. There is a a $150 deposit required to book the session, this is non-refundable and goes towards the $300 total. You get all the shots from the session unretouched as well as 3 professionally retouched shot of your choice. Any additional retouched images is $30.


To book another type of shoot; Lifestyle, Promotional or Beauty send some info about what you want to accomplish and I will give you a quote within 24 hours.



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